Training Assistance Program™

The goal of our Training Assistance Program (TAP) is to “tap” into your dog’s potential through individualized training.  TAP™ provides one-on-one sessions throughout the day along with three potty breaks that consist of training sessions where our focus is loose leash walking.  This is a program for puppies and dogs 20 weeks and older.  Each puppy or dog will receive a training plan depending on the goals of the client.  There are foundational tracks where we focus on confidence building for the shy dog, impulse control for the spontaneous dog, obedience for many dogs, and/or TAP & Play™ for dogs who need additional assistance with their dog-on-dog social skills.  Once completing the necessary foundational tracks puppies and dogs can progress to an advanced track such as agility or therapy dog training.


  1. Application & Vaccinations – click on the link below to request application
  2. Consultation with Canine Craze staff member

There is a waitlist in place for this program.  Enrollment only needs to happen once.  After acceptance into the program you will continue to hold your spot in the Training Assistance Program™ each month until you notify Canine Craze of your resignation from the program.  See * below under Tuition.

Training Assistance Program™ Inquiry

TAP™ Tracks

Foundational Tracks

  1. Confidence Building for the shy or fearful dog
  2. Impulse Control for the spontaneous dog
  3. Obedience for the average dog
  4. TAP & Play™ for the dog lacking social skills

Advanced Tracks

  1. Agility
  2. Therapy Dog

NOTE: Dogs must graduate from the necessary foundational tracks before being eligible for advanced tracks.


TAP™ has multiple enrollment options for scheduling depending on your schedule and dog’s needs.

Friday Funday was designed to provide variety and fun for dogs in our day time training programs.  When attending on Friday Funday dogs will participate in activities such as; pool time, outdoor walks and nose time, art projects, flirt pole chase, small group play, special snacks, reading time, and more!

2 day enrollment – Monday/Wednesday -OR- Tuesday/Thursday attendance
3 day enrollment – Monday/Wednesday -OR- Tuesday/Thursday AND Friday Funday attendance
4 day enrollment – Monday – Thursday attendance
5 day enrollment – Monday – Thursday AND Friday Funday attendance

TAP & Play™ dogs must attend on the grouped days that coordinate with the dogs size and play style for group integration

*TAP™ is limited to 6 dogs total for each group of days.  A wait list is in place, contact our office for more details.


We will NOT be open on the following holidays for Training Assistance Program™

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve Day
  • Christmas Day

Twice a year there will be a scheduled Staff Development and Training Day that we will be closed.  These will be announced to current clients enrolled in our day time programs 30 days in advance.


There are multiple tuition options for TAP™:

2 day enrollment – $350/month
3 day enrollment – $490/month (includes Friday Funday)
4 day enrollment – $600/month
5 day enrollment – $740/month (includes Friday Funday)
Friday Funday single day enrollment – $40/day (must be scheduled PRIOR to day of, limited spots available)
Friday Funday 4 day package – $150 ($37.50/day) *this package must be used within 3 months of purchase)

*Enrollment price includes the number of days attended per week as well as each month includes a complimentary private training with your dog’s trainer.

*Discontinuing the use of our Training Assistance Program™ will require a written resignation letter by the 20th day of the last month’s attendance in our program in order to avoid a 50% tuition fee charge.  This allows time for our staff to contact clientele on the wait list and for those clientele to complete the enrollment process before the 1st of the month.