Tiffany Anderson

Training Program Coordinator

Tiffany Anderson started her career with dogs in 2012 when she adopted her dog Max, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix.  Max brought Tiffany to Canine Craze, opening the door to the world of dog Training.  As she trained under both Scott and Renee Jetter, she learned the fundamentals of learning theory and animal behavior.  Tiffany has played many roles over the years within Canine Craze, from a Kennel Assistant to General Manager and many roles in between.  Tiffany is passionate about staff development and human resources and is currently consulting Canine Craze in this department.  When Tiffany is not at Canine Craze, she is a lab instructor at Drake University.

Tiffany’s Dogs

Max CGC (2012 – 2016)