Scott Jetter, Founder

Scott began his career with dogs in 1999 when he adopted his first puppy, Zachary.  Eager to teach Zachary, Scott attended as many classes as possible.  After just six months of classes, Scott became a dog trainer himself and began to explore more effective ways to train dogs and people.   Scott dove into learning from both scientific and behavioral perspectives, immersing himself in the laws of learning and animal behavior.

In 2001, Scott opened Canine Craze Performance Center to teach clients how to clicker train their dogs.  Scott worked closely with a veterinary behaviorist learning about behavior modification; it was at that time Scott found his passion in behavior modification.  In 2005, Scott was hired by HSUS, to work in Lamar Dixon with dogs rescued and brought to safety as a result of Hurricane Katrina.  In addition, Scott was contracted as a behavior consultant by the state of Texas in 2007 to work with primates and other wildlife at a sanctuary that was closing because of animal neglect.

Scott continued teaching people how to build relationships with their dogs through agility training, service dog training, private consultations, and sharing his knowledge with Canine Craze trainers.  His expertise was especially noteworthy with dogs needing additional assistance integrating into the Train & Play™ Program.  Scott continued his education by studying neuroscience and the effects of trauma and PTSD in animals and people.  Through his mentoring, his legacy continues on in Canine Craze’s trainers and programs.

Scott’s Dogs:

Zachary (1999 – 2008)
Luna – Luna’s Midnight Magic (2003 – 2010)