Marsha Burright, Trainer

Marsha has been an animal lover all her life. Her parents have both been pared with dogs from Leader Dogs for the Blind, so the amazing work, love and trust of dogs has been near and dear to her heart.  After helping with her son’s 4-H activities Marsha found Canine Craze and was ready for her “first dog” and after much research and looking Briar was found and adopted at about 12 weeks.  She had picked her training support before she found her pup!  Marsha kept saying she was going to do Agility with such frequency and faith that eventually it happened.  She will gladly tell you stories of what can go wrong in an agility right and what can go so well!  Briar has earned titles with NADAC and AKC.  Marsha is a teacher at heart and loves helping new students learn the foundation skills to play the fun game of agility in their backyard or competition ring!

Marsha’s dogs include:

Briar Moss – OAP AJP NFP and tiles with NADAC (is thought to be a CKCS and poodle mix and he knows he is cute)
Duke Vedres – Primary duties are hearing the other dogs, companion and comic relief (hound dog)
Princess Tiger Lillie – CGC and TDI (Japanese Chin)
Captian Hook – Blue Ribbon winner with Ben Burright, Polk County and State $-H (12 lbs black fur-ball of energy who can’t hold his licker)