Jenny O’Brien Konior


Jenny has been teaching classes since 1998, teaching at Canine Craze since 2008! Over those years, she’s taught puppy classes, obedience classes, Canine Good Citizen prep classes, and of course, agility. When Jenny was hired by Scott, he took her under his wing and introduced her to agility to assist him in teaching classes, but she quickly became hooked on the sport! Scott helped Jenny hone her craft and to remember to always bring fun into all her classes! Never does a class go by that she doesn’t hear Scott someway or somehow.

Jenny and her family are owned by two golden retrievers, Gabe and Charlotte. Gabe is Jenny’s first agility dog. Jenny and Gabe have earned a PACH (Preferred Agility Championship) and a few Rally titles. The two are also a registered volunteer therapy dog team at Blank Children’s Hospital. Jenny’s son, Andrew, has also competed with Gabe in agility, but she’s promising some type of nose work in Gabe’s retirement future. Charlotte is Jenny’s younger dog and makes her laugh everyday. Jenny and Charolette compete in agility, dabble in Rally, and are working towards more advanced trick dog titles and whatever else comes their way!

Gabe: PACH Advent GrandMaster Funk RA, OA, OAJ, MXP3, MXPB, MJP3, MJPB, RL2, CGC, TDI
Charolette: Starz Lightning Bug OA, OAJ, TKN, CGC, ACT2