Puppy Foundations


Puppy Care Clinic

This clinic is intended to help you navigate the early puppy stages successfully.  

Puppy Clinic Focus:

  • Toy and gear recommendations
  • Developmental stages and socialization
  • Establishing routines and potty training
  • Preventing problem behaviors
  • ...and more!

Game On! Relationship Through Play

Game On! is a 15-day course that will introduce you to our training philosophy, clicker training, and fundamentals of dog training.  Game On! includes 10 core games you can play with your dog to bond and provide them with mental stimulation.

Game On! Course Focus:

  • Enrichment ideas to help provide mental stimulation
  • Games to work on handler mechanics and build better communication
  • Conditioning exercises to make handling your dog's paws, ears, and mouth easier
  • Clicker training foundation
  • ...and more!

In addition, we have online support where you can send questions and interact with our trainers.  We look forward to helping you with everything puppy!

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