What is the Craze Trained Club?

 A community for handlers and their furry companions who have completed beginning obedience classes. The club aims to enhance the lives of dogs by providing educational opportunities and organizing advanced drop-in classes, special events, a virtual community, and challenges. Members of the club can also take advantage of the open gym program, where they can rent out Canine Craze space and equipment to practice their skills outside of classes. The club provides a community for like-minded individuals passionate about training and strengthening their relationship with their dogs.

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What to Expect?

Mix and Match Classes

Participate in advanced classes through hour-long drop-in classes exclusive to Craze Trained Club members. Mix and match these individual classes to fit your schedule and explore new training niches. In addition to regular classes, every quarter, we'll rotate 2-3 specialty topic classes to focus on. 

Opportunities to Learn More

Get access to special events. Participate in clinics and exhibitions. Learn more about different training niches or how to improve your pup's life through speakers and field trips. 

Get To Know Your Community

Participate in various social events and community volunteering opportunities. Enjoy the outdoors through regularly scheduled hikes, fit dog walks, and geocaching. 

Rent the Facility

Reserve Canine Craze space to practice your skills outside of regular class times. With access to specialized equipment and a safe, controlled environment, you can reinforce your training and take your skills to the next level. 

Get Inspired at Home

Connect with your community via our virtual community portal. Get inspired and share in the celebration of members' accomplishments. Ask and answer lingering questions and get access live Q&As. Participate in virtual challenges to strengthen the bond with your pup and to break down larger goals. Earn titles through participation in the comfort of your home. 

*Prerequisite of the Crazed Trained Club: Completion of Dog Perfect or by invitation 
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Potential Classes & Events

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