The trainers are so nice and supportive! Great tips for my specific dog and our problem areas.

Pam V.

Indy our Bernese Mountain Dog has been attending Canine Craze since she was 10 weeks old. She’s now 14 months old and an awesome dog… Which I have to give Canine Craze a TON of credit. They’ve been so patient with her and have helped Indy understand different behaviors in a positive manner. Indy currently goes 2 times a week in their day program. Its a mix of training and playing – LOVE IT! We’ve also taken multiple classes such as AKC Puppy Star, Distraction Action, AKC Trick Dog and we plan to take more. It’s amazing the bond you create with your dog through positive training. Canine Craze is more than just teaching your dog to sit – its learning to create a lifestyle that involves your dog.

Tammy B.

Run by a dedicated dog trainer/lover, Renee.

We have been taking our dog, King, for for 6 1/2 years. He’s 6 1/2 years old.

Renee trained me to train King. He is a great dog and I am a much better dog owner than I ever could have been without Canine Craze.

As a matter of fact, King boarded here the past 7 days while I was on vacation.

John C.

Excellent classes, very knowledgable and helpful staff, fair prices!

Kristen B.

Fox trained for the TDI preparation class with Becky in 2015. She was amazing and has the patience needed to really assist a stubborn border collie to success. I will not hesitate to use Canine Craze in the future!

Pam L.

Trainers are great!!!!

Lori M.

I have taken two of my dogs here for puppy classes. They are still well behaved and focused on my to this day as adult dogs, and I attribute a lot of that to the classes.

Kara B.

Amazing facility and a truly spectacular staff.

Leilani L.

Great place for Train and play, and individual classes!!!!!

Jim B.

Great positive training.

Joy H.

If you are looking for training, this is the place to go!! They are all so amazing and kind and truly care about you and your dog!!! I wouldn’t go anywhere else for training!

Miranda B.

We took a puppy class with Michelle, and it was amazing. She opened our eyes to so many beneficial ways to better train our new puppy. Canine Craze in general is always ahead of their game with their research into proper training methods. Their training is much different than what we [my family] did with our dogs when growing up, but it is so much more effective and efficient. Great facilities, great staff (especially our instructor, Michelle), and you get way more than you pay for. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Wes H.

You cannot believe how much difference you are making with Sadie. We have been walking her daily with the nice weather and she is a new dog! No barking at people or other dogs, no pulling on the leash and frequent checks with us. She is a joy to walk now, even my husband will take her – plus she loves it! Thank you!

Jan M.

I would give 5 stars to the Puppy Building Blocks™ program at Canine Craze! This program is geared towards helping owners have a trained loving family member. The trainers are very caring and helpful and eager for your pups to do well. I liked it so much that I have joined the Train & Play™ program.

Suzanne T.

Superb training…excellent facility

Connie J.

Great results with my Golden retriever .. he easily gets in the car now and walks well on a leash. They’ve also given me great tips and ways to keep working with my dog on other behaviors. The trainers are the best!

Karen B.

Over the last 4 months, we have taken our alaskan malamute puppy here for puppy gym class, puppy adolescents class, and will be starting obedience 1 in a couple weeks. The classes are great! All positive reinforcement with clicker training. We learn new things every time and our puppy has fun too. Michelle is a great instructor and very knowledgeable on the current happenings with dog training! We have also had some one-on-one training sessions with Clint to treat our pup’s separation anxiety and we wouldn’t think to go anywhere else in the future!

Brittany T.

Annie my golden retriever be loves this fun doggy school

Kelly S.

Canine Craze truly knows dogs! We’ve boarded our dogs with our vet in the past but we recently took a long trip and thought we would look for a place that offered a little more than a kennel and daily walks. We found it with Canine Craze. I’m pretty sure Jaycee was more disappointed in having to leave play time than she was to see us!

Ryan M.

I’ve been through 2 classes at Canine Craze with my golden retriever, and she LOVES it there! They have flexible scheduling, so we can find a time that works for us. The classes are only an hour, so that the pups don’t get restless. I love that they use positive reinforcement instead of punishment/choke collars, etc. I learned so much in AKC STAR Puppy class, both from the group instruction and from the one-on-one time (which everyone had a chance to get). Renee Jetter is fantastic and if you’re lucky enough to end up in one of her classes, DON’T MISS A SINGLE SESSION!

One thing I didn’t do, that I would like to with my next class, is take a notebook, because there are so many good tips and tricks that I should have written down but didn’t because I spent so much energy getting all of my dog’s stuff together that I forgot to bring a notebook. Just a tip for anyone looking into going to classes there!

Also, make sure you bring lots and lots of small treats, and of lots of different varieties. Anywhere from pre-packaged treats to baked chicken to frozen baby food or frozen peanut butter. You will thank yourself!

Thanks for everything, Canine Craze! You’ve helped my dog become a well-behaved teenager instead of a punk!

Ashley B.

If you need any sort of dog training done, Canine Craze is the place to spend your money. We had Renee come to our house to work on Thor greeting people in a non-terrifying way. We also came up with a plan for him to get over the fear of his kennel.

Three weeks later….


Nadia V.

Wonderful job you are doing, keep up the great work. A well trained dog is a joy to live with.

Nancy P.

Turk started in Train & Play when she was very young. She quickly learned how to enjoy her crate, socialize with other dogs, basic puppy skills and most importantly, she burned off a ton of her endless energy. Over the last two years, she has continued to grow and learn at Canine Craze and picked up some very useful skills that help us enjoy our time outside at the dog park or being around other people and pets. While she’s had a variety of trainers over the two years, it’s been great working with each one of them to understand her progression and how she could continue developing into a great dog. Overall, I’d highly recommend Canine Craze to everyone who wants a well-trained (and happily tired) dog.

Eric L.

Your program helped speed up crate acceptance, taught him to walk on a loose leash, and my favorite “impulse control.” He responds when called, stops chewing when asked, and accepts redirection.  We couldn’t have managed this successfully without Canine Craze Puppy Building Blocks

Susan S.

Really great at training our dog and educating us about what we need to do for train in ng at home.

Dawn C.

Absolutely amazing place to get your pup trained! We’ve had our boy in since he was 8 weeks, he’s 2 now! He has practicly frown up there! The trainers are super sweet and the training is phenomenal! Out boy is currently taking an ability class and LOVES it! I would 100% recommend this place. Wouldn’t take my pup anywhere else!


We took our Golden Retriever here for Obedience Class I and II. We had a really good experience. I am happy with the results. Having a well trained dog is really priceless! Great staff and environment. Would recommend this place to friends and family.

Megan M.

Trainers are always skilled, kind, and caring. We’ve put multiple dogs through courses here and had great experiences.

Doug M.

We adopted Lulu, a 1yr old German Shepherd mix from the ARL and Canine Craze has been a godsend in helping her overcome fear/anxiety. The Train & Play program is absolutely phenomenal! Lulu has gained so much confidence and continues to improve with new skills every month. The owners and all of the trainers truly care about your dog and it shows!

Nicole L.

Training couldn’t get any better than what they provide. We took a dog from Davenport to this training center. Yes, they are that good!

Kathleen T.

Most excellent staff here!

James H.

Great services!

Erik G.

Staff and trainers are very helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.

Lacey S.

Renee has always been amazing at everything she’s done! And to add her passion and love for dogs in with that? AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Michelle L.

The best place in town for dog training, boarding, and one-on-one help for your pup!

Diana B.

I have taken my dog here for scent work and she definitely loves it. I think the staff here is very knowledgeable in what they are doing. Becky has been very helpful and answered my questions in a timely manner. I have encouraged people I know to come here for services and training due to my experience.

Caitlin M.

Awesome place to enjoy time with your dog and learn more about training and behavior. Plus, they hold NACSW K9 Nose Work classes!!!

Jennifer B.