Agility Program

Agility is a great way to have fun with your dog: learn to work as a team, conquer training challenges, and prepare for competition.  Canine Craze’s training team will help you achieve your goals.

If you the class you are looking for does not have next session dates for registration or the class is already full please contact Jenny at [email protected] for information about our upcoming and on-going agility classes.

Pre-Agility & Off Leash

We focus on relationship building and distraction work.  We do this by playing fun games that build the agility foundation every team needs.

  • Crate Games
  • Cone Work
  • Body Awareness Exercises
  • Recall Games
  • Basic Handling Skills

Foundation 1 & 2

We continue to work on play and focus with distractions.  Once bars are added to the jumps, the teams begin to learn the various ways a jump will be presented on a course (recalls to heel).

  • More advanced cone work
  • Building value for jumps (first without bars and then adding a bar)
  • Introduction to tunnels (driving through them and how to seek out entrances)
  • Introduction to contact boards.

Advanced Foundation

Jumping Skills:

  • Proper jumping technique with several different jump grids – how to bend, how to adjust stride, to commit to multiple jumps in a row, adding more motion and distance between jumps.
  • Teams introduced to the triple jump, double jump, tire and broad jump.

Contacts & Weaves:

  • We transition the 2on/2off position learned on contact boards to the actual equipment and teach the dogs to drive down into that stopped position in order to tackle the obstacles safely.
  • Introduction to teeter
  • Introduction of weave poles

Beginner Handling

  • Small sequencing begins (up to 8 obstacles)
  • Handling skills – where, when, and how they should be used and applied.  The dog starts to learn what those handling skills look like and what they mean for them.
  • Continued work on contacts and weaves

Advanced Handling

  • More difficult and longer sequences
  • Students prepare for ACT (Agility Course Test; which is a pre-Novice AKC certificate) and Novice Courses


  • Once all obstacles are mastered, students move into the Competition level class
  • Focus on full courses and challenging smaller sequences