Puppy Services

There is so much to do even BEFORE you bring your new puppy home.  Canine Craze has designed a number of services to help you prepare for a new puppy; everything from picking the right breed to training once the puppy has joined your family.

Pick a Breed

Congratulations you have decided you are ready to have a puppy!  Dogs are a wonderful addition to your family and can be your companion for years to come.  Just like us, dogs have different personalities and physical and mental needs.  The first step to having success with your puppy is to select a breed that is conducive to your lifestyle.  Take this free survey from the the American Kennel Club (AKC) to identify which breeds would be best for you.

Puppy Testing

Once you have decided on a breed, you still have the difficult tasks of choosing a puppy from a litter.  We are more than happy to assist you in the selection process by conducting temperament tests on the puppies in the litter.  This will also help you know the personality of the puppy you are getting and will allow us to put together the perfect training program for you and your puppy. Contact our office to learn about our puppy selection service.

Puppy Care Clinic Online

This course is for those families who are expecting a puppy or that have recently brought a puppy into their home.  In this course you will learn how to care for your puppy’s basic needs, preventing common problem behaviors, potty training, crate training, navigate puppy nipping and biting, and more!  When registering you will have access to the Puppy Care Clinic course for 90 days.

Pre-Puppy Consultation

There are a lot of things you can do before you bring your puppy home to get yourself and your home ready.  We offer an in-home consultation where we will help you puppy proof your home and make sure you have a safe environment for your puppy. We will also talk through some things you will need to have before you bring your new puppy home such as a crate, toys, etc. We will also talk through how to set up a routine for you and your puppy. This will help you and your puppy be successful from the minute they come home, because once they come home, you are either training your puppy, or they are training themselves.

New Puppy Consultation

Once you get your puppy home, there are a lot of things that can happen. Even a well laid plan can go awry. We will be there for you and will come back to do an in-home visit. We will help you evaluate how things are going and provide some options to help get your puppy on the right track. Bad habits can develop quickly, but so can good habits. With our in-home visit, we will help make sure you have everything set up to be successful and make sure you have the training tools you need to develop all the good habits you hope for.

Puppy Building Blocks™

The goal of Puppy Building Blocks is it maximize your pup’s socialization and learning during the narrow window of socialization between the ages of 8 – 20 weeks.  In Puppy Building Blocks, puppies gain socialization while learning crate behavior, potty training, impulse control, social skills, and basic obedience skills.

Puppy Classes

Socialization, impulse control, and confidence building are key to raising a happy and healthy puppy.  Canine Craze offers a multi-level puppy program that allows puppies to start in an age-appropriate class.  When signing up, pick the class that corresponds with your dog’s age, then the day/time you wish to sign up, and lastly choose the most convenient start date.