Private School & Home School

Mission: To provide high-quality training of essential life skills to puppies and dogs under the care and supervision of highly-trained staff, laying a foundation for good behavior in the home and beyond.

Train & Play™

The goal of Train & Play™ is to create an environment to teach impulse control, appropriate social skills, basic obedience, and provide enrichment to the dogs.  We strive to teach you and your dog the necessary skills to develop good house manners, engagement, and proper etiquette when in the community.  Some key benefits of our Train & Play™ program include; smaller group sizes providing higher quality play groups, a lower staff to dog ratio, time with their trainer one-on-one to build better relationships, and enrichment activities to teach dogs how to self entertain and problem solve.

Puppy Building Blocks™

Do you have a puppy younger than 20 weeks?  The goal of Puppy Building Blocks™ is it maximize your pup’s socialization and learning during the narrow window of socialization between the ages of 8 – 20 weeks.  In Puppy Building Blocks™, puppies gain socialization while learning appropriate crate behavior, potty training, impulse control, social skills, and basic obedience skills.

Puppy Building Blocks Advanced™

Do you have a puppy between the age of five months and a year?  Puppy Building Blocks Advanced is an extension of our Puppy Building Blocks™ program and is a great sag-way into our Train & Play™ program.  Puppy Building Blocks Advanced™ follows our Train & Play™ curriculum and program design but allows for additional potty breaks throughout the day and additional staff support for working with adolescent puppies.

Training Assistance Program™

The goal of our Training Assistance Program (TAP) is to “tap” into your dog’s potential through individualized training.  TAP™ provides one-on-one sessions throughout the day along with three potty breaks that consist of training sessions where our focus is loose leash walking.  This is a program for puppies and dogs 20 weeks and older.

Home School

The goal of our Home School program is to bring the benefits of our Day Training Programs to you!  We will come to your home and work with your dog while you are at work.  We will then have subsequent follow-up sessions with you to teach you what we have taught your dog.  This is a great service for clients looking for assistance with behaviors happening in the home and yard as well as loose leash walking in the neighborhood.