Home School

The goal of our Home School program is to bring the benefits of our Day Training Programs to you!  We will come to your home and work with your dog while you are at work.  We will then have subsequent follow-up sessions with you to teach you what we have taught your dog.  This is a great service for clients looking for assistance with behaviors happening in the home and yard as well as loose leash walking in the neighborhood.


  1. Application & Vaccinations – click on the link below to request application
  2. Phone Consultation with Canine Craze staff member

The package purchased depends on you and your dog’s needs.  During the phone consultation we will be able to recommend the package that we feel would be best to help achieve your training goals.

Home School Inquiry

Home School Tracks

  1. Manners 101 – working on basic obedience and laying a foundation for more advanced training.
  2. Loose Leash Walking – teaching your dog to walk nicely while taking a stroll in the neighborhood.
  3. Reliable Recalls – working with your dog in your own backyard to come when called.
  4. Play – teaching your dog acceptable interactions with toys to make play sessions more enjoyable.
  5. Confidence Building – helping the shy and fearful dogs better enjoy day to day activities.

Package Options

There are multiple package options for our Home School Program:

Elementary package – $450 this package includes 4 one hour sessions with the trainer and dog with a one hour follow-up private training with the dog and owners. This one private training can be utilized anytime throughout the 4 sessions or after they are completed. 

Honors Package – $850 this package includes 8 one hour sessions with the trainer and dog with 2 one hour follow-up private trainings with the dog and owners.  These two private trainings can be utilized anytime throughout the 8 sessions or after they are completed.