Canine Craze strives to provide the highest quality training through our Private School, Training, and Puppy services. Canine Craze bases their training philosophy on the relationship between people and their dogs, and science-based training applications. We take the time to teach people these applications, so they can achieve great things on their own, even after their time with us.

Private School

Teaching essential life skills.

Our Private School was created as a supplemental training program to assist you with your dog’s training.  Our trainers work one on one with your dog to help your dog learn basic manners, appropriate social skills, impulse control, and more.  We want to make living with your dog easier and life with your dog more enjoyable.  Another large part of our training program is training YOU! So we’ve designed a program specially for you to attend with your dog.  This is where we provide coaching and training for you and your dog to grow as a team and learn how to communicate.  We offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of puppies, adolescent dogs, and adult dogs.


Using science to get results.

Our training philosophy is based on four main principles; relationship, discipline, presence control, and practical work. We utilize a choice-based training method, that is fun and effective, for both people and their dogs.  Offering classes, one-on-one training, and in-home training services.


Laying a solid foundation.

The foundation of training and socialization that you provide your puppy is integral to their long term success as a family companion, working dog, or competition dog.  No matter what your aspiration socialization is not something you can “do later”, you have one shot with your puppy to provide the best socialization possible.