Sheryl Eaton


Sheryl is a court reporter for 35 years this year, and she has taken several dog training classes via the web.  Her family consists of two boys and a girl which are all adults now with two of them living outside of Des Moines.  Sheryl cannot remember a time when she didn’t have a dog in her life!

To say Sheryl loves dogs would be an understatement as some have said it’s Sheryl’s addiction.  She started volunteering at the ARL years ago and has also volunteered at AHeinz for a short period when she lived near their facility.  She started out at Canine Craze as a student about four years ago with a training class with her Golden Retriever, Sophie, and has been through almost every class offered.  After taking the majority of the classes, she now takes Sophie to a nursing facility through ARL’s TheraPet program.  Sheryl has also interned at Canine Craze as a student and has taken several other training and animal behavior classes online.  She enjoys meeting her students and helping them train their dogs.