Renata Meseck, Trainer

Renata started training dogs in 2013. She completed the certification program through Petsmart Inc, where she taught group classes on beginner,  intermediate, and advanced obedience. Additionally, Renata taught private training classes on various things such as leash reactivity, loose leash walking, tricks, and more. Renata left Petsmart in late 2014 so she could focus more on training dogs and less on the retail aspect of working there.

Renata spent the next few years in Lawrence, KS, at a privately owned training, boarding,  and daycare facility training dogs in group classes such as puppy socialization and obedience, basic manners, loose leash walking, and more. She also worked in the daycare and boarding. While there, Renata earned her CPDT-KA certification, and became a certified Fear Free trainer.

Renata moved here to Des Moines in August of last year and immediately started at Canine Craze, where she is now a trainer for the daytime program. Renata hopes to advance her career by maintaining her CPDT-KA certification,  and earning more certifications in other areas of dog training.