Joy Heldt

Administrative Assistant

Before Joy joined the Canine Craze team, her area of interest was elementary education. After holding a teaching position for quite some time, Joy decided to transition to a career specifically involving dogs. She earned her A.S. in veterinary technology from DMACC in 2011 and thrived in the clinic environment for several years.

Joy discovered Canine Craze when she brought her dog, Duke, here for therapy dog certification testing. She learned of an open receptionist position within the company, applied, and was hired on as a full-time staff member in the summer of 2016.

Joy likes to say that although we train dogs, each dog has something to teach us as well. Her beagles taught her about separation anxiety and food aggression. Duke has taught her about the importance of a healthy human-dog relationship. Joy and her other dog, Apollo, have enjoyed exploring the wonders of clicker training together.

When Joy isn’t working, she enjoys many hobbies such as sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking, hiking, training her personal dogs, and being a wife and mother.

Joy’s dogs include:
Duke – CGC, Novice Trick Dog
Apollo – STAR Puppy, Novice Trick Dog