Anna Andrews

Assistant Trainer

Anna began developing a passion for dog training in 2012 when she volunteered for CARES in Concordia, Kansas, helping socialize service dogs in training after they came out of the federal prison system. She later discovered Puppy Jake Foundation and became a volunteer with them in 2015, performing mainly puppy-sitting duties. Though she graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1997 with her degree in anthropology, Anna decided to pursue her newfound love of dog training and attended Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers in Texas in 2017. It was here that she met Malichi, a very special Staffordshire terrier mix. Malichi was a rescue dog randomly assigned to Anna to work with during her three months of intensive schooling. Upon graduation, Anna adopted Malichi and brought him back to Iowa with her. She continues to work on his obedience and trick dog skills today.

In her spare time, Anna also enjoys running, painting, watching movies, and reading.